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Human Values charitable fund is a non-commercial charitable organization, the aim of which is to assist in the affirmation of the ideals of humanism in Russian society, unselfish mutual aid, and also propagate a healthy lifestyle, increase the intellectual and spiritual level of the individual and revive universal values.

To achieve these aims, the fund carries out socially useful programmes and events, and fulfils an educational, charitable and humanitarian mission.

The main directions of work are:realization of humanitarian and rehabilitation projects for socially unprotected sectors of the population, carrying out anti-stress courses and the organization of charitable projects.

We help people in a difficult life situation. We cooperate with Orphanages, with Correctional Schools, with Rehabilitation Centers, with Homes for the Elderly, with Centers for Social Assistance to Families and Children, with Centers for Temporary Maintenance of Juvenile Offenders, with Sports Organizations of Disabled Athletes. We carry out anti-stress programs in places of natural disasters and natural disasters. Our goal is the development of humanism and selfless mutual assistance in Russian society.

The main areas of work: the implementation of rehabilitation projects for socially unprotected segments of the population, the implementation of anti-stress programs, the organization of charitable projects, assistance to orphanages. Our activities are aimed at supporting socially useful and socially significant events and initiatives in the field of health, education, culture and sport.

During the 9 years of the foundation's existence, thousands of people have been able to receive vital help and support. More than 40 thousand people underwent anti-stress programs.

All reporting on the events held is published on our website. Reporting on the expenditure of funds can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation: http://unro.minjust.ru/NKOReports.aspx?request_type=nko     

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